Today 100 US residents were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. 
It is the 3rd leading cause of cancer death, with a 5 year year survival rate of only 8%.

Today over 100 U.S. residents were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. On average, they will lose their fight against this disease in 182 days. The numbers are stark: 50,000 will be diagnosed in 2016; 35,000 will die within the year; and just 3,000 will survive after 5 years. Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death, and the only major cancer with 5-year survival rate in the single digits. It is projected to be the second leading cause of cancer death in the US by 2020. Should we accept these figures? Can we make a difference against such tough odds?

As a society, we’ve seen that breakthroughs happen with focused funding. For example, we’ve rallied around Breast cancer and Prostate cancer for decades, and have seen astounding results: The 5-year survival rates for Breast and Prostate cancer are 90% and 99%, respectively. In aggregate, the 5-year survival rate for all cancers is nearly 70%, an amazing accomplishment following years of funding and subsequent research.

Yet, Pancreatic cancer’s survival rate has not meaningfully improved since the passage of the National Cancer Act 40 years ago. Why?

As a nation, we spend $14,000 and $11,000 per cancer death for Breast and Prostate cancer, respectively. We spend just 1/6th that amount per Pancreatic cancer death, and the survival rate remains stagnant at 6%.

Pancreatic cancer needs a breakthrough. Breakthroughs take research. Research takes funding. If we attack Pancreatic cancer as we have attacked others, we will see a breakthrough. At Fund a Cure we apply uncommon focus in our giving, directly supporting those on the brink of the next critical discovery. We don’t donate blindly; we don’t spend on expensive marketing or awareness efforts; and we don’t have overhead costs. We do one thing: We give to those most likely to conquer this disease. Your support could create the tipping point this research needs.

As of Fall 2017, Fund a Cure has donated over $200,000 to Jefferson University Hospital, one of the nation's leaders in emerging Pancreatic Cancer research, enabling additional clinical trials to be performed in areas such as early identification and novel treatment options. The lab led by Dr. Jonathan Brody has been able to extend its reach, increasing the number of researchers, equipment and focus on one of the nation's deadliest diseases. Your private donations are critical to ensuring that this deadly cancer has the funding to eradicate Pancreatic Cancer.

2nd Annual Shave The Beard Event

Saturday, January 27, 2018. 

At La Stalla, Newtown PA
Dinner, Drinks and Silent Auction

Bill Mahler has been growing his beard since the Fall to raise funds for this important cause. Join us for some amazing food and auction items!